Classic Cars from the 50's to the 90's

Web Design Research

The design of this website involved a not insignificant amount of research to develop content for the various cars that are on the "wanted" list. It was really interesting to discover the development of car manufacturers, the rise and fall of particular brands and models and the rise and rise of others the like the Porsche 911 for instance and the origins and rationale behind the development and subsequent evolution of the Citroen 2 CV.

The result is a far too brief insight given to all of them, given how interesting the stories behind the cars are, but the website content and structure will be developed further from a reader interest and from a website development perspective in gaining traction on the search engines and onsite Search Engine Optimisation.

Triumph TR4

 The previous version of the Classic Car Buyers was a wordpress website designed over 10 years ago, was not mobile friendly, but had served its purpose.

This new bespoke website project was developed from the ground up complete with an easy to use content management system that offers scope and flexibility.
The SEO friendly website is fully responsive with easily accessible infomation and a logical flow to conversion points. 
The website loads in under a second despite what may be perceived as a lot of imagery being on the homepage and neither utilises nor requires plugins to aid in it being fully loaded in that time.