Ecommerce Website Development

A New Mobile Responsive Ecommerce Website 

We found the original site plan for the recently retired e-commerce website was dated 2011 and it still holds good.

Then, the website was developed in Dot.NET
Strangely, or maybe not so in fact, (not very much could be described as normal during the 2020 Covid Pandemic) the website had its best year ever.

The latest bespoke e-commerce website which has now been in operation for a month, when compared with the previous month, is 33% up on visitors, 66% up on visits, and 85% up on page views according to Google Analytics.

Why has the website experienced growth?

The rationale behind replacing the website was as you might have guessed from the original site plan date, was that the website was not mobile responsive. 

As the % of mobile users slowly crept up and crossed a threshold the decision was taken to benefit from greater inclusivity (from a marketing perspective) in Google's mobile search index and an enhanced customer experience.

Compared to the same period last year it is now 49.53% up on visitors, 72.59% up on visits, 29.4% on page views, and the bounce rate is down by 55.96%

The website retails products based on original Batik designs by Jane Hickman.

Originally the products were greeting cards and prints, but as the Batik designs became so popular the range has expanded to include a range of scarves and shawls, fabrics, and original Batik paintings.

Facilities that you might expect as standard in our eCommerce websites start with the following:


  • Multiple product categories
  • Multiple subcategories
  • Multiple product images
  • Related products facility
  • Discount options
  • Sales and shipping despatch administration
  • User accounts
  • Mobile friendly website design
  • Automated shipping calculation
  • Dynamic content
  • SEO Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Easy navigation
  • Easy to update Content Management System
  • Option to vary page formats
  • Hooked up to Google Analytics
  • Connected to social media
  • Newsletter subscription

Our websites are scalable. We take pride in not putting our clients' websites into predefined templates.

Each website is unique with different designs, development, and capabilities based on the objectives.

Websites evolve in the design and development journey and the alignment between the original plan and the end product is looser as opportunities present themselves or undisclosed aspects, perhaps considered irrelevant or insignificant come to light.

In addition, you get care, testing, advice, and support. This is a two-way street, after all, no one has the cumulative experience and knowledge of your business like you.

We think that when you put it all together it's a great formula for success.