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Web development is creating a website specific to a design, making it work the way you want it to display and respect functionality for the site user and, just as importantly, the site administrator.

Some websites have very apparent functionality associated with the user interface and experience, such as an estate agent's website.
Behind the scenes will be a content management system allowing for the population of the website with properties, images, descriptions, videos, sale prices, and the sale status of the house, i.e., Under offer, Sold, For Sale. 

Many of our clients want specific functionality operating behind the website.

The following shows some examples of functionality we have developed.

Ecommerce Multi Product Website

Ecommerce websites and shopping carts.

Admin console facilities allow the following

  • multiple products categories
  • subcategories
  • products, product properties
  • product options applicable to multiple product categories.
    • Product range % discount by category or product
    • Discount voucher codes to reduce basket totals by a fixed amount or by %
    • Multiple currencies are pegged to the nominated dominant currency.
    • Shipping rates by weight, standard or fast delivery, UK and worldwide destination.

Member login:

  • registration and email validation
  • account history and purchases
  • product delivery status
  • Forgot user name and password functionality

Standard Functionality

The crux of all of the functionality is its flexibility via the administrator's content management system CMS.

The majority of the websites we design and build at the most basic level give the option to change images, add news articles and or blogs supported by imagery and edit the content of fairly static pages such as "About Us."

For product-focused or content-rich websites, a search facility is an additional tool to the website's arsenal, allowing quick retrieval of information.

Search filters can augment the search facility allowing sub searches.

Data-driven websites allow scalability, so in addition to limitless quantities of products displayed on a website, the option to expand the scope of the site without rebuilding having to rebuild it from the ground up is significant. 

Vehicle Hire Functionality

 The system allows the administrator to:

  • Add Vehicle categories - i.e. saloons & vans
  • Add Vehicles to categories - i.e., Vauxhall Corsa
  • Edit Vehicle description and price
    • per day
    • per week
    • in the UK
    • if taken abroad.
  • Review bookings online and receive booking emails of the same.
  • The system applies discount % and VAT.


The system allows the user to book the start and end date of the hire period, showing the hire price, discount, and total amount payable and calculate vehicle rental per requested period, add VAT, apply discounts, store booking data and receive confirmation.

Accounts System


  • Creation of invoices and credit notes with itemised labour and Product subtotals.
  • Add Labour costs by daily rate and number of days or by hourly rate and no. of hours and vat if applicable.
  • Allow contractor uplift costs  with separate labour 
  • Add material costs by total cost or by quantity and unit price.
  • Allow separate contractor costs to be applied
  • Allow contractor uplift % to be applied
  • Add VAT if applicable

Search facility for:

  • records by client name, location, or job description quotes

Sales reports by:

  • confirmed quote status
  • completed quote status
  • declined quote status
  • pending quote status
  • All
  • By Date periods.

Invoice and credit note printing with the option to print to PDF and send by email.   

Reports facility Net sales record

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