Web Hosting

We offer web hosting on an annual basis complete with backup just in case you press delete and lose that all important data.
We upgrade our dedicated servers to on a regular basis keep abreast of the latest tried and tested technology with a focus on security, processing speed and bandwidth.
We are members of Nominet and register domain names on behalf of our clients. 
When we register domain names for websites that we are developing, we always register them in the name of the client. This means that the domain name is the client's and Web Intelligent Ltd have no legal rights to the domain name whatsover and act as agents only.

This means that you have complete domain ownership and the flexibility to host and or move it wherever you want. 

When you register a domain name , it is effectively being "leased" to you from the registrar for a defined period typically 2 years but can be much more. 
At the end of the initially purchased period, the domain name must be renewed. Failure to renew will allow the domain to lapse and be invisible on the internet. After a further period of time the domain will be voided and be available to be registered to another individual or party.
We arrange and promote SSL certificates to enhance the security of your website more especially associated with ecommerce websites.