Occupational Therapy

Hemispheres is an occupational therapy practice with 4 clinics in the South of England.

The original hemispheres website was one that we created 10 years ago and has been very successful as a marketing vehicle for the business and a resource for parents.

The website provides authoritative original content and this is great for the site visitor, but also great for driving the right traffic.

Google loves original content with some depth to it, so not only does the site rank well, it ranks well for a broad spectrum of relative terms and thus Google's presentation of search results funnels positive traffic.

We wanted to keep the website clean and clear and in the new website design.there was a greater range of information categories.

The previous website, as it was incrementally populated over time had a high density of text and on the new version the number of information categories had increased.

Not wanting to have a massive array of menu buttons we created a sub menu relating to the core services, conditions and reflexes which are key reference points for parents.

In addition we created a bespoke portal for both parents and clinicians to log into.

The clinicians update each patients programme of activities following a monthly assessment.

The parents can sign in from home to to view the treatment programme consisting of notes and specific activity videos allocated to their child's treatment programme to improve and mature their child's neurological skills and support their physical, sensory and learning development.



Mobile Responsive Web Design

The site itself is mobile responsive for visitors and also on the Parents Portal.

This allows unrestricted access for parents to the treatment programmes which include time sensitive videos at home, on holiday, on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.