Diamond Anvils Ecommerce Web Design

Diamond Anvils is a site operated by Almax easyLab Ltd
They produce and supply high quality diamond anvils and high pressure research consumables and accessories to scientists worldwide.
This website was developed in 2010 and at the time we jumped through more than a few hoops and went back to the drawing board more than a couple of times to get it right.

In respect of all the features from discounts to additional properties being allocated to a product and the customer journey through the buying process to generate multi-faceted products with variable pricing which ended up in their shopping basket it was an engaging challenge, notwithstanding the focus we needed to apply to the CMS to deliver the flexibility to deliver subsequent categories, sub categories and mutiple properties that could be associated with products.

The website itself performs as the "Dell" website used to at the time where you would choose the base laptop or desktop pc unit and decide on which variable component to add to it, i.e. a 50, 80 or 100 GB hard drive, the type of CPU chip, the amount of ram, colour, printer, cable or wireless mouse all the while adding to your shopping basket and of course changing your mind and the shopping basket reflecting the changes.


Website Facilities

The website is built in classic asp

The pricing of the products is available in US Dollars, Sterling and Euros which is tied into a currency pegging system and can be updated to reflect currency fluctuations.