E-commerce Web Design

Our first ecommerce website design was in 2001.

We developed our own bespoke platform and have integrated shopping baskets with WorldPay, Barclays, HSBC (IRIS) Cardsave (also Worldpay) Google Checkout (now no more), Elavon, Paypal and more.

We have two ecommerce websites that are still running in more or less their original format ten years later.

We don't just plug your website into a branded platform, we actually build them.

We have designed ecommerce websites in the UK  and more recently in Holland, a Dutch ecommerce web project in which we integrated our shopping basket with the payment gateway of ABN Amro Bank.

Ecommerce development on platforms:


We can use established platforms if you have a particular preference and for businesses that offer a large number of products  we develop on and currently manage two Magento ecommerce sites.


We have also built interfaces (API's) to synchronise and reconcile payments made in shops on EPOS and an ecommerce website. 

Stock Control:

Most accounts packages have stock control systems and more often than not they will have established API's between online payments and the accounts package.

Sagepay is a branded online payment gateway which uses Worldpay as the merchant to process payments.

Sage has accounts packages that integrate with Sagepay thus reconciling purchases, sales and stock.