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02 December 2018

Back up Systems from 20 years ago

When Health Psychology Research asked for some files it took us a little while to find them, but we did.

We also had to think a bit because they were files created in 2009

Back up has come a long way over the last twenty years and yes we still have a pile of floppy disks that we have not quite disposed of, a bunch of Iomega zip drives, cd's, DVD's and memory sticks, call it nostalgia or maybe it's an insecurity complex, I mean, how often do things work as they are supposed to?

Share or Mirror your date to two or more locations

Professional online backup is pretty sophisticated with options to back up on a daily basis incrementally.

This means that you can pick the file version as it was on a certain date in time and restore it.

When did you last test the backup restore functionality and what it retrieved?

But the reality is that backup has claimed quite a few scalps over the years and the biggest issues and painful realisations come when you attempt to do a full restore.

At Web Intelligent we do both, a hard copy and online copies and as times change make sure the content is in an accessible format

We found them

So when the request came through in November 2018 for some files created in 2009, we found them. 

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