Website doubles business in 4 months.

27 November 2017

Business Profile

Faye and the team at Essential Loo Hire provide portable toilet facilities to fetes, sporting venues, events such as marathons and spectator sports, visitor attractions, open air concerts, construction sites, weddings, pop up restaurants and when the builders are putting your new extension in.

We amended the DNS, migrated the existing site to our own servers and given a free hand went to work.

We restructured the website making it mobile friendly and we gave it a content management system that was also mobile friendly so that you can add content to it whilst on the go from your mobile phone if so inclined.


Mobile-responsive-website doubles the business


Website submission to the search engines 

Three weeks later we checked the progress of the website after it had time to settle.

We had submitted the xml sitemap and indexed the pages previously and then after benchmarking the website we made some adjustments to augment it's progress and resubmitted it.

Getting the full picture

We like to keep in touch, with our clients because it's how effective the website and the strategy deployed behind it is, what actually transpires and the experience on the ground as well as  traffic numbers and analytics that ultimately give the full picture.

And of course when they win we can write news items like this and then other people might think that we know a thing or two and would quite like the same level of expertise applied to their website and online marketing presence.

Doubled the website traffic

We don't really know if we doubled the traffic, as we didn't have any meaningful statistics from the previous website that we could depend on but it is a reasonable assumption.

We do know that the previous website structure and potential contribution as a meaningful marketing vehicle in it's own right was  limited.

We also know that a website has to provide comprehensive and pertinent information to its visitors which has been prioritised.

Doubled the business

You might be forgiven for thinking that I am talking about 100% Traffic increase, but no, this is 100% business increase.

Really, we're not pulling your chain!

In just four months from launch customer numbers had doubled for a business that was originally established in 2009 driven by the website.

This was as a result of what to us is a fairly routine but robust strategy based on the visibility of the website, it's structure and it's content with no external resources or social media resources deployed. 

As a result of the uplift, significant further investment has been made in "plant" to meet demand and further expansion.

Some Stats

35% of traffic comes from mobile devices with a breakdown of 30% mobile phones and 5% tablets.

On average 80% of traffic on a monthly basis are visiting the website for the first time or to qualify this, visitors on devices that have not previously (statistics courtesy of google analytics) been used to access the website.

Though the index or home page is the primary landing page, other pages demonstrate good traction in their own right.

We've kept the lid on it for a while, but thought we ought to roll it out to you

Naturally we are flushed with pride!

Do you have a website that is flushing your marketing budget away, more a token part of your business than one that actually makes a contribution?

If so, get in touch and let's have a chat.










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