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18 January 2017

Particularly at start-up, business owners often overlook the importance of establishing a corporate identity that will stand the test of time and is suitable for the industry, or market sector.  Developing a suitable image usually involves the design of a logo or name-style.

This imagery must reflect a considered position that the product or company wish to aspire to or need to reflect. It need not be expensive or elaborate but be fit for purpose and it is essential that consistency of appearance and quality of trading standard is maintained at all levels of interface with customers. 
Customers must have a feeling of confidence in the brand, service or product. This needs to be built upon, to offer the opportunity to add products or services that will be bought on the basis of trust in the Brand and all that has gone before.
Trade Mark Registration.
We advise on, search and apply for trademark registrations.
UK applications that do not raise any objections take around 6 months.


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