No images on Internet Explorer 10 ?

04 June 2013

 In response to a query from a client I did a little bit of digging if you can not see images when using IE10 

There are 2 routes to follow if IE10 is not showing images:

 First "If the Show Pictures option in Internet Explorer is turned off, you won't see any images on a website:
To resolve this in IE go to tools >>Internet Options>>Advanced
 Scroll to the Multimedia section, select "Show Pictures" check box.
Click OK.

Still not working?

If you have eliminated the previous option already then try this:

In IE go to tools >>Internet Options>>security>>custom level>>miscellaneous>>
and then enable "Display Mixed Content"

There are some other images that missing from a lot of devices namely those rendered by Adobe Flash on Ipads and Iphones.

With over 50 million (and climbing) Ipads sold and many more Iphones this is a bit of a pain.

From the end user perspective there are solutions in respect of using alternative browsers.

From a web design point of view we have moved away from flash and are amending existing flash movies embedded in websites as we cannot expect iPad and iPhone web browsers to download alternative browsers when they see an empty space on a website or an error message from Adobe appearing on their screen.

Some of the browsers that support flash on IPAD and iPhone are:


Puffin Web Browser
This has a limited free version which plays flash website content for a two week trial period and then you have the option to pay £1.99 from the app store/Itunes for the full version.



This seems to have quite good ratings and is available for 2.99 via the App store



Also available from the App Store is a games browser with a trial option before upgrading for £5.49


This allows you to watch Flash videos that otherwise don’t work on iPad, but does not support flash websites.
Their site claims 20 million users in over 150 countries.


Apple's position on Flash Player is that it does not go easy on the Ipad/Iphone processor and also drains the battery and that at least in April of 2010 at time of writing Flash is not good on mobile devices.

For a fuller explanation from apple, in fact from Steve Jobs you can go here 


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