Our first ecommerce website design was in 2001.

01 June 2017

 Our first ecommerce website design was in 2001.

We developed our own bespoke platform and have integrated shopping baskets with WorldPayBarclays,HSBC (IRIS) Cardsave (also Worldpay) Google Checkout (now no more), ElavonPaypal and more.

We have two ecommerce websites that are still running in more or less their original format ten years later.

We don't just plug your website into a branded platform, we actually build them.

We have designed ecommerce websites in the UK  and more recently in Holland, a Dutch ecommerce web project in which we integrated our shopping basket with the payment gateway of ABN Amro Bank.

Ecommerce development on platforms:


We can use established platforms if you have a particular preference and for businesses that offer a large number of products  we develop on and currently manage two Magento ecommerce sites.

We have also built interfaces (API's) to synchronise and reconcile payments made in shops on EPOS and an ecommerce website. 

TopGear Merchandise Ecommerce Website


Top Gear

Have we managed Top Gear?

Well yes and MasterChef too.

The Top gear merchandise was sold via a Magento website with a presence on Ebay and Amazon. 
Four websites evolved from the Magento platform featuring merchandise from Top Gear, Master Chef, Ralph Fiennes, Alan Partidge and more.

With the abrupt departure of the Top Gear presenters from the BBC and the switch to the Amazon Brand and advent of the The Grand Tour, you can now see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Amazon and buy the Grand Tour merchandise from Amazon Prime.

Stock Control

Most accounts packages have stock control systems and more often than not they will have established API's between online payments and the accounts package.

Sagepay is a branded online payment gateway which uses Worldpay as the merchant to process payments.

Sage has accounts pacakges that integrate with Sagepay thus reconciling purchases, sales and stock.

 The Dutch system precludes the use of debit and credit cards, by accessing the bank directly and approving the transaction by a system that all of the Dutch Banks participate in.

Of course systems develop, get more user friendly, more secure and focus on sales, repeat sales, customer online accounts and after sales communications to keep the brand visible and you've guessed it, generate more sales.


Linnworks is a system that we have recently integrated with Magento.

Magento has the database of products. The database serves 4 websites each with their own dedicated product range.

Linnworks is connected to all points of sales which include the four websites plus Amazon and Ebay sales channels. The Linnworks system also links through to the distribution point which provides warehousing and internet fulfillment.
Upon despatch, the system is updated and the despatch status is communicated to Amazon and Ebay as well as the Magento websites for customers to check on the shipment status.
This last element is key as prompt despatch on the Amazon and Ebay sales channels forms part of their "rules to abide by" 

Some examples of ecommerce projects can be seen on our portfolio

Ecommerce Payment Procedures

In it's simplest form a product or services purchase request which is made on the website is passed through a payment gateway where  the formality of exchanging money for said goods and services is carried out in a secure environment under the auspices and responsibility of the nominated provider i.e. Barclays, and the transaction is approved or denied. more...



"a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service"




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