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15 June 2016

Expressions Partnership is a Surrey based company established in 2003.

UK and International Training
The company offers management development, leadership, team building and business skills training courses with clients based in the UK, the USA and the UAE.
Expressions designs bespoke courses for companies conducted in house as well as scheduling courses available to the public. 
The new website supersedes one that we created for them many years ago and reflects the progress of the company.
Easy to browse on a tablet  or smartphone
The site is mobile responsive, displaying with an alternative navigation on smartphones and resizing up to desktop.
Update your site on your smartphone
The "responsiveness" also applies to the content management system (CMS) which governs 99% of the website content.
So this means that you can update your website from your smart phone. 
It's great to be able to do that if you realise have made a typo and you really can't be bothered to boot up the pc again or just that you can do it on the train on the way home.
Sometimes, you can be just too connected!
Enhanced with video, testimonials, images and the lunch menu if required
The site itself allows the population of varied training courses and course profiles and supporting information in respect of videos, case studies, testimonials.
Any type of course, any number of modules
This is not a one size fits all course template, but has the flexibility to create completely bespoke course profiles.


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