Reaping the rewards of a collaborative SEO strategy

12 September 2014

It's great to get unsolicited feedback like this, all the more so in that it is actually making the phone ring, but only after working together with the client.


Hi Bill
I think the optimisation is working!  Getting lots of calls (about 8 serious enquiries a day resulting in site surveys) with quite a few saying “I’m just looking at your website…”!
Well done!
Tara Simpson
TFS Wood Stoves
t: 01276 857695
After building the TFS Wood stoves website, we launched it and fine tuned it in relation to how it was performing.
It is one thing to build a website to a plan, but it is only when it is launched that it can be benchmarked and measured against it's peers in the market place.
We looked at the site structure, content, call's to action and the market itself.
We then implemented a strategy that was dependent on initiatives being actioned both by the client (TFS Woodstoves) and Web Intelligent.
This does not mean that the work stops here, more that we continue to monitor and evaluate customer behavior on the website and their needs and wants in relation to on the ground demands as well as online.
Even now we have identified initiatives to further enhance the effectiveness of the website and the user experience building on the success enjoyed so far.
This is a collaborative customer client project with a serious amount of work being put in on both sides.
For companies who do commit that extra resource, typically time, to the further development of their online business the rewards are there.
In respect of establishing a good rapport, there is a level of trust and continued interaction where ideas are shared and discussed fully, debated if you will and concerns aired in a similar fashion, resulting in a team effort and positive results ££ going towards the bottom line.
Thank you Tara!

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