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09 March 2013

E-commerce websites allow the sale of products and services and the receipt of money online 24 hours a day via a secure "Payment Gateway".
WorldPay is a payment gateway provider, as is Barclays, HSBC, Cardsave (Streamline) Google Checkout, Paypal and more. We design, develop and host e-commerce websites and have integrated websites with all of the above providers.
E-commerce Payment Procedures

In it's simplest form a product or services purchase request which is made on the website is passed through a payment gateway where  the formality of exchanging money for said goods and services is carried out in a secure environment under the auspices and responsibility of the nominated provider i.e. Barclays, and the transaction is approved or denied. 
At the point of approval/denial within the bank's or provider's payment gateway a "status confirmation" is sent back to the website and this triggers either the release of the service/product/membership or an "unsuccessful transaction" message.
In the instance of a successful transaction, the details will be recorded in a database as "positive" and the product or service is released.
Most UK and many international payment gateways operate in this way.
In Holland the ABN Amro bank operates a system where the customer automatically reverts from the website to their bank account and authorises the payment from there. 
Shopping Baskets
There are websites where, in the instance of a site having one core product with a fixed price a shopping basket is not required and it is represented by a single button that takes the user through to the payment gateway.
Where a website has a a portfolio of products, more often than not, a shopping basket facility is present allowing in it's most basic format a variety of products to be purchased in a single transaction. Other facilities that we have included for our clients can be seen here

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