Merry Christmas to you from the web design and development team

22 December 2021


It's been a weird and,  in parts a wonderful year, with the pro's and cons of covid. The cons have been adjusting to working remotely and everything associated with team communication and ensuring seamless project continuity, though it has made us better at what we do and how we do it.

It has been more structured and process-driven without losing the vital teamwork and importantly talking and liaising with clients (and the fun we have had as well, it's been great! ), and all the excellent people we deal with ( Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou! ) in maintaining a stable and secure platform for the services we provide.

The Pro's have definitely been spending so much more time with family, each of whom has been affected by the same and working online from home or attending classes bi-weekly at school and having to put up with Dad and his vain attempts to add some Feng shui into his work environment.

If at first, you don't succeed.....

Speaking of environments, our carbon footprint is definitely down in respect of traveling to and from the office and also though consumption of doughnuts, cake, and wine gums in the office and all-day breakfasts with the team at the local eateries has been reduced by 100%, my waistline has expanded somewhat due to a determined and ultimately successful desire to make bread at home on a regular basis. 

Yummy, Scrummy

Progress, Now it's a doddle....Used a lot of flour in the process though!  Yummy, scrummy!

So here is wishing you a very Merry and a safe Christmas in these challenging times from all of the team here at Web Intelligent. 


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