Ladies Fashions Dress Size Guide

19 May 2016

Ladies fashion dress size Guide
We have incorporated a new web page into the Betty and Claude online fashion retail website.
Developing websites and software applications accross a variety of business sectors, you need to understand the clients businesses and objectives and how one will contribute most effectively.
However on this occasion, I suppose to some, it may be a logic, but in this instance we introduced a size guide which relates to several brands to identify size variations, and there does not seem to be a logic or any absolute recognised standard size.
To be honest, we are still baffled
The variation in clothes sizes between brands and countries is quite significant, where a size "M" in one brand can be quite different to that of another and where an XXL might be an 18, but a 20 does exist in the same brand but does not warrant an XXX size.
It works with these brands
If you like these brands, you are in luck, shop with confidence
  • Ichi
  • Great Plains
  • Grace & Mila
  • Soaked in Luxury
  • Darling
  • Silvian Heach
Hopefully, this size guide will shed light and make shopping easier and similarly minimise the possibility of online purchase being returned through incorrect size selections.
For online shopping this guide has to be a must for Betty and Claude shoppers.

I keep getting told, you're lucky, you're a bloke and in this instance I think I have to agree; shopping is so much simpler for a bloke.

Apparently variations in shoe sizes is another ballgame altogether.



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