How long does a website last?

17 May 2016

This was going to be entitled:
"New re-designed website of Little Echoes Children's nursery in Bagshot, Surrey launched"
but then I got to thinking how long had the previous website, which I had a hand in, been regularly generating enquiries in it's 800 wide x 600 high pixels industry standard of the time.
Well in this instance as I eventually established not far short of ten years.
I hazarded a guess and thought it would be 2005, but dug through a few records and then finally took a stab at finding it through the Way Back Machine and found the home page archived with a date of 23rd August 2006.
 The WayBack Machine
The WayBack Machine is a rather splendid and very useful resource hosting snapshots of websites at various intervals and in the instance of saved 19 times between August 23, 2006 and April 30, 2016.
The great thing about it is that you can even extract the images and text from a page and connect to other pages (though sometimes not all pages have been captured) 
It did help us to help out someone who had "lost" their website, in the days when websites were not really taken seriously as commercial marketing and revenue generating vehicles and you maybe had one because the competition did, though email was jolly useful (remember compuserve accounts? ). So if you forgot to renew the hosting or the domain name lapsed you probably didn't notice for a bit.
At the time of writing the wayback machine has ammassed 484 billion web pages.
Terms and conditons of use do apply: (
The image above taken as a snapshot from the wayback machine, alas, flash does not prevail in the snapshots.
The website that lasted nearly 10 years. was a brochure website with just a hint of a content management system allowing news updates and the number of vacancies in each of the childrens age groups represented.
The new web design also has a content management system, though not that much more then its predecessor, but which we think compares rather favourably and of course is mobile responsive.

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