De- skilling, oh and a Merry Christmas to you all.

16 December 2015

Though embracing the technological age, we have decided not to be eco friendly and this year are busy filling out Christmas cards to clients, many of whom fall into the friends category and also to friends who aren't clients.

If you don't receive a card by the 25th December, complain bitterly.
The complaints department will be shut from the 25th December until 5th January, by which time if you didn't receive one, we hope you will have forgotten that you intended to complain, but we will try to get you on next years list if you do complain, with the proviso that you are still in one of the two categories. 
5th of January is a Tuesday, but we need the Monday to get back into the swing of things and we won't really be firing on all cylinders until Wednesday ( despite the intermittent zeal that will manifest itself somewhere around 29th after the majority of the rellies have departed and a temporary calm has descended).
Having said all that, the maintenance department will be open every day over the festive season.

Back to the Christmas cards, I find that I have lost the ability to write legibly or accurately (which is not quite the same as legibly) and have to curb the pace at which I am attempting to write to avoid crossings out.
In fact when I think about it I have as much fun backtracking on the keyboard when the autospell gets it wrong.

I have briefly considered going down to the local printers and asking them to do me a stamp that has the signatures of all the staff on, as it is a rare thing when all of them are in the office at the same time (if ever in fact with remote working ) but with the clock ticking, the last posting date looming, I will sign them all myself.

Forgive the inaccuracies, apparent misspellings, crossed out and re-written postcodes and merely contemplate the goodwill and the jolly festive picture.
Maybe next year we could go for a pre-printed option (but what if some one leaves…. 

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