office 365 Password - £ character is not accepted

24 September 2015

The proverbial needle was found in the haystack yesterday.
Whilst migrating a number of email accounts to a spam free environment we hit a snag.
Four out of 5 accounts operated perfectly adapting seemelessly to iphone, Ipad, Pc and laptop,but office 365 would not work.
Pound sign not accepted as a password component
The webmail worked, in respect of sending and receiving so the next thing to check was the  email client setup verifying the basics, usernames, password, smtp and Imac settings, port numbers and spelling. Everything checked out and using the same details it worked in during testing on other email clients.
So process of elimination meant that it had to be something specific to office 365. Another email account on the same office 365 worked, so eventually (eventually was actually quite a long time) we narrowed it doen to the password.
After changing the password it worked and by further password changes we narrowed it down to the £ sign. 
Basically the £ is not acceptable as a password component, however the $ is.

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