Attending the RBTE and Retail Design Expo at London Olympia

09 March 2015

We are really looking forward (excited even) to attending the Retail Business Solutions Event tomorrow at London Olympia.
I think it's going to be a cracking show and in particular will be attending the  e-commerce boot camps to keep up to date with current online and thinking focussing on the customer journey in-store as well as online.
From a functionality perspective Online E-commerce and In-store retailing have merged with websites synchronised with bricks and mortar In-store epos (electronic point of sales )systems.
From the retailers perspective the focus is on  every aspect of the customer journey online, minimising shopping cart abandonment, reducing the time and number of steps it takes to make a purchase with the adoption of systems like tokenisation (ease of use and security) retaining customer preferences and encouraging repeat business.
Tokenization replaces sensitive payment data with a unique identifier or token that cannot be mathematically reversed. 
Storing tokens instead of PANs (primary account numbers )is one alternative that can help to reduce the amount of cardholder data in the online environment. 
An example of a tokenisation payment gateway environment is Amazon where, after selecting the products and  proceeding to pay, you are able to make a “one click”  payment based on the nominated credit card you have used previously without having to re-input any card data at all.
The actual payment data is securely stored in data centres, which are operated by Visa Inc. Typically, the token will retain the last four digits of the card as a means of accurately matching the token to the payment card owner, enabling the retailer to run the operations without card data in the purchasing environment.
The show , reputedly Europe’s largest retail event is not just about online retailing, but also for the physical store environment.

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