Apple repaired my mac for free outside of the warranty

23 February 2015

Credit where credit is due.
One of our macs, a 27 " desktop started going slow and then the screen went, no, not blue, but a spearmint flavour of green and thereafter would not load at all.
After initially popping it in to a local authorised repair outlet who pronounced it beyond repair (deep gloom) I took it down to the team at the "Genius Bar" at Apple in Basingstoke who immediately diagnosed an errant video chip and took it in for surgery.
The machine was just over 3 years old and out of warranty, so it was a nice surprise to be told that they were aware that that some video chips had been shipped that were not up to scratch and then words like, "no charge" and "free" we're bandied about willy nilly in the conversation, totally, I might add, unsolicited.
To top it off, I got a call on Sunday, yes Sunday afternoon to say that the wee beastie had responded well to surgery and that if I happened to be passing Basingstoke on Monday I could pop in and pick it up. 
Gold Star
I think they like to call people on a Sunday just to hear customers gasps of disbelief upon hearing good news uttered by a clearly cheerful individual who is deliberately being cheerful despite working on said Sunday whilst some of us are just recovering from a rather excellent lunch.
I have to admit I did a bit of a whoop and a little skip and felt all warm and friendly towards those nice people at Apple.
So, there you have it, we have, it would appear a happy ending. I am going to award them a gold star.

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