Boost your router range in 10 minutes

30 July 2014

At home our walls are about 2 feet thick and that includes some of the internal walls.
When occasionally working from home it's always difficult to find a space to hunker down in solitude and get some serious work done within range of the wi fi router without having to actually move it.
If I move it into the loft my daughter is happy becuase it then reaches her bedroom, but then it is out of range of the main family PC and more importantly to some it does not connect to the TV so restricting access to channels featuring programs aired in the last week or so.
So I have invested in a TP-Link 300mbps AV200 Wifi powerline Extender starter kit retailing at around £40-00.
This consists of 2 plugs and it took me 20 minutes to decipher the instructions and 10 minutes to actually set it up.
The starter kit is for one extension, but enables you to buy additional plugs for other rooms if you need to.

Basically you put the "Extender" plug, (the bigger of the two which will eventually  be placed in some far flung room after setup) in a mains plug socket and "pair" it with the router.
Next you get the other plug, connect it with an ethernet cable (2 supplied) to the router and plug it in. If all the lights are blinking; thats about it.
You then remove the plug you paired first of all and plug it into a mains socket in said far flung room "within 300 meters" and connect your pc or mac and away you go.
It uses the same user ID and password as your router.
It works with windows 8/7//vista/xp/2000/mac os or linus OS) 
Our router is an orange livebox and it works a treat.
The only consideration that you have to bear in mind is that both plugs: the one connected to the router and the "extender" plug are using the same electrical circuit.
My mac and windows laptop are now situated 20 metres and two 2ft thick walls away from the router.
Speed and signal strength are excellent.
A very worthwhile investment.

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