How to check your system software is up to date.

13 June 2014

It must be noted that antivirus is retrospective and the threat is only met and countered after it has got halfway round this increasingly connected planet.
On 6th June 2014, the following was issued to the world in effect, but more pointedly to windows users:
The National Crime Agency (NCA) has issued a warning regarding two pieces of malware software known as GOZeuS and Cryptolocker. It has been discovered that this malware software is the cause of potentially one of the most dangerous malware attacks in internet history.
Ensure your systems are as protected as they can be from this threat – the below will help you to do so:
Check that your system software is up-to-date
Make sure your internet security software (including Anti-virus, Anti-malware and firewall software) is up-to-date
Look out for Phishing emails and don’t open attachments from unrecognised sources
Avoid storing passwords on your computer
Always backup your work remotely
For more information visit
If you go on to the link above it gets really scary and certainly brings it home to you, but you can also download some detection and eradication software from some of the internet protection players, so if in doubt go there.

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