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22 February 2014

What have we done in a week?
pro rata to "A day in the life of"
Friday came too quickly this week and I left the office at 7.15pm being expected at a dinner party precisely 15 minutes later.
By Friday night the momentum has gathered apace and it's hard to switch off and could really do with carrying on a bit, though “Thank God it’s Friday” and time for a pint before home soon beckons.
An eventful week this week:
Two E-commerce websites
We are about to launch two e-commerce websites and it is all about checking, double checking, seeing what the customer experience is like;
Will we fall victim to shopping cart abandonment?
Is the site user friendly?
Is it easy on the eye?
How does it perform in firefox, safari, chrome and IE and what about android and iPad/IPhone?
Google Adwords Pay per Click Campaign 
We have been tasked with creating a google Adwords campaign for a specific region of London; who or what is the target market, where, what are the hooks, the USP ,the call to action, the copy, the imagery, the tracking, the monitoring, the response to the monitoring and the response to the enquiries.
So that is going to be very enjoyable, fun even.
Payment Gateways integrating with Barclays Epdq and WorldPay
We have just completed (bar the shouting) replacing google checkout on two websites, the first adopting Cardsave (using WorldPay) and the second using Barclays EPDQ.
Logo and Brand Development
We have a new logo to design for a Norwich based company and we are reviewing a brochure website in the final stages, supported by a content management system and standing back and having a good look at it with a fresh eye and.... it’s not quite there yet, but it will be.
Marketing Strategy (Sales Development)
We are looking at building a company’s sales pipeline further to their recent expansion and the company itself has quite an arsenal in it’s armoury to be choosing from.
It's a long term strategy we are embarking on, but one which will yield not insignificant results in the short term, so it's going to be quite rewarding for us in the satisfaction stakes.
There’s more going on, but these are the key thrusts.
Now, about that pint, Monday will be here too soon.

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