At last a real survey for its own sake.

23 June 2021

At last a real survey for it's own sake.
All too often, I am faced with survey requests. Some are rigid to a carefully devised agenda to elicit a specific response.

Some are focused purely on how the company representative handled the interaction by phone, chatbox, or email and if they resolved the issue.

I always have a sneaking suspicion that they will use the customer rep results to indicate customer satisfaction with the company product, experience, or service, which is an entirely different thing.

So it was with great pleasure that I got a request from LOOM asking, "How likely are you to recommend Loom to a colleague or friend?" on a scale of 0 to 10.

Well, I marked them as 10.

The next previously hidden sequence was, "Why had I rated them with that score," with an unrestricted comment option.


This to me, is a legitimate survey seeking the pros and the cons of the service. I can be honest and they can choose to take on board or disregard them as they see fit. 

Loom as a tool

We use Loom to introduce clients to new platforms, updates and, on occasion, to talk to the clients of our clients to clarify solutions and opportunities in a given scenario.

It's also very handy to illustrate aspects that are requested time and time again like setting up an email account on a PC, Mac or mobile phone for example.

Loom is a useful, almost real-time tool that does not depend on immediate or simultaneous contact between two parties. 

It also, by its nature, makes you give a considered response which the recipient can watch, repeatedly if they so desire at their leisure.


I think I am going to send our clients the same survey.

I'm sure I will learn something. What I want to do is establish how we are perceived and how they think we could do a better job and then weigh up all the responses.

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