London Commercial Property Website Launched

09 May 2020

We have launched another website this one for IV Development.

They are a London-based commercial property company that manages the development of properties for clients.

IV Development is a new arm of IV Real Estate who have their own portfolio of property acquisition and development. 

Our first of many Zoom meetings.

This project was initiated with an email, a follow-up phone call, and then a fairly in-depth meeting over ZOOM.

Zoom has played an increasingly important role in meetings and getting to know new clients during this period of Covid.

We updated our blog in March to inform you that we were working remotely and we have not been back to the office since.

We have phones on permanent divert and are still adjusting to working from home with the advantages and challenges that it brings.

ZOOM itself has taken some getting used to, first in how it works and with some hilarity how it does not.

It's not just getting your head around the interface, but you also have to consider your "viewable" Zoom background be it a corner of the bedroom, the spare room, or the kitchen table, then there is the noise, the background noise that is of the kids who initially heed the pleas for silence and then forget all about it.

You realise the whole world is doing exactly the same with pet dogs appearing in the "office" the postie calling, the hastily assembled hairstyle as "it's a what?" " a zoom call"  " OMG I thought it was a telephone call"

You have to laugh.

However, we have adapted and it is working well be it an interview, a meeting with a client or supplier, or an in-depth meeting where screens are shared.

It has saved a lot of mileage and time. Documents and information are all at hand.

It is become a new norm, which Covid has accelerated......where needs must.


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