Nationwide Vehicle Hire Ecommerce website development

23 January 2020

Nationwide Hire does, as its name suggests, operate throughout the UK supplying cars, vans, trucks, MPV's and minibuses to the private and commercial sector. 

National Vehicle Hire website development

Nationwide Hire 4U Ltd has been operating for over 10 years and delivers and collects the vehicles as opposed to the customer collecting and returning the vehicle at a designated depot.

The new mobile responsive eCommerce website is a bespoke development, scalable and with an extensive content management system.

It replaces an ageing WordPress website designed and developed to different parameters.

Website Return on Investment 

The new website has been evaluated based on analytics, testing, surveys, feedback and daily and incremental trend data.

This is in respect of the website performance as well as its hosting environment to learn and to continually improve the site performance and its evolving capabilities in line with its objectives.

Initial data in the early post-launch stages do have a value, but of greater value is the developing trend data that is worth looking at a few weeks after launch.

Once the website has had a chance to sufficiently propagate and is established in the rankings, we can then determine customer behaviour, traffic, the impact of calls to action and return on investment.

What pages are successful and why?

Why are some pages more successful than others?

Are site visitors finding it easy to use?

It all sounds quite obvious and sensible, but what also comes out of the data is opportunities, not only for "course correction" but also for identifying additional business opportunities from an operational perspective.

Information is King and Google analytics provides a lot of information about site activity, visitor volumes, activity, behaviour, mobile usage, preferred browsers, and devices, however, in respect of SEO it does not provide the queries visitors are using.



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