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09 May 2020


It has been a great website to design, develop and populate with content.

However, it has been distracting, and the reason for this is the fascinating history associated with car companies, how they developed, the reasons that certain cars came into existence, the effect of competition, the reasons why some cars just never got off the ground and the familiar tale of shortcuts that did not deliver.

Additionally, the section on cars wanted demanded a level of précis.

The original content was way too much, but it felt like we were depriving the site visitors by reducing fascinating histories down to a certain level of content and for what...........well, in fact, for design and consistency.

However, the expanded versions will see the light of day in due course.

I wouldn't describe myself as a petrol head, but I visited The Essen Techno – Classica car show in Germany in April of 2019 and was completely blown away.

I also took 4500 photographs, a few of which you can see below, which gives you just the merest scent of a flavour.


We spent 3 days at the show and did not get to see every vehicle, and some of them had to go back a few times; they were so beautiful in terms of the vehicle silhouette, the interior, the engines...I could go on.

Suffice to say, it has been running since 1989 and covers more than the size of a few football pitches.



We had not at the time been asked to design and develop the website, though I met Dave Day at the show, and it was one of those conversations that when you mention you design business websites, there is an expression of interest which may or may not lead to something, but which in this case bore fruit a year later.

It was impossible not to appreciate the thought, craftsmanship, and experience combined with the technology at the time of the vehicle production. The show has over 1250 exhibitors from over 30 countries showing cars from a bygone age to the latest models to give you an insight. Gorgeous customised vehicles are here, and complete restorations from private enterprises and fascinating manufacturer vehicles spanning decades.

So, now I have joined that "club" that regards Engineering as an art form.


So, the website is dynamic in that it has a content management system to populate all the content.

It is SEO-friendly and ranks well, and as ever, we encourage Dave to populate it with more adventures of Classic Car retrievals and topical car content of which, let's face it, there is never going to be a shortage.

Services: Content Strategy, website design, bespoke CMS, Content research and development, SEO

Visit the Classic Car Buyers website.  

Due to Covid, The Essen Techno – Classica is currently scheduled for March 2022. Fingers crossed!

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