Designing Websites remotely - BT lines down

03 February 2014

Last weekend a mini Tornado (no, seriously a Tornado)  hit Chobham, yes the same Chobham that is in Surrey in England, it didn't last long, but it felled numerous trees, one of which relieved us of all phone and internet communications.
There were cherry pickers up and down the partially flooded road with Tree Surgeons making other trees "safe" and by Friday we still had not been reconnected. If we were a business dependent on working from our office we would have been climbing the walls. 
Fortunately we could carry out our design work remotely and with three websites to launch more or less on top of each other, one exhibition stand to organise and a host of leaflets and other marketing initiatives for customers up and down the country we would have been proverbially well and truly stuffed if we had not been able to do so.
Putting things into perspective we didn’t give BT too much grief, non in fact, bearing in mind that there are lot of poor souls not too far away, who would just like the water to recede from their homes and all available resources are a tad beleaguered. 
So we are busy running a fairly uninterrupted web design and development service with diverted phones, the odd hiccup when needing to scan and print or access files held on customer DVD’s but other than that and not being able to hold meetings with clients at the office, we have got off fairly lightly.
All things being equal, we hope to be back designing websites on site this week.

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