And a Happy New Year.... More of the same?

05 January 2022

This is a spur of the moment Happy New Year blog.

It's driven by a picture I took totally by chance and sheer luck.


This is the only deer visible across the entire landscape, it's not part of a herd or in a recognised location like Richmond Park in Surrey for instance, which is a renowned spot to see lots of deer relatively close up.

For me, the landscape is the embodiment of a clear mind, the deer having a 360-degree clear view on a fine, crisp and cold January day; Blue, blue sky, utter silence, no wind, no traffic.

This young buck had been moving across the field, its natural camouflage making it almost unnoticeable.

It paused and stood stock still for a few seconds, checked its surroundings, and then leaped away, with me desperately trying, and failing, to keep it in lens view from about a kilometre away.

After the Christmas break and the diversions it brings from work and thinking about work, the headspace is a bit more objective.

The subconscious doing its annual period of reflection.

So now, more of the same will bring.....more of the same.

So it's time to focus and push the boundaries and relish reflecting on this year around the same time next year.

Happy New Year!

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