Phone and Internet down in the Surrey Design Office

27 January 2014

Dear all,

We are working remotely as all of our phones and internet access are out of action.

Diverts should be in operation by midday Monday 27th January.

We are not able to access messages left on the answerphone prior to this time.

We will update this message as at such time that BT have resolved the issue, sometime tomorrow apparently.

Design and marketing activities continue apace

Many thanks for your patience, we will let you know when we are onsite again.

 Apparently a Tornado hit Chobham.


Laura Gilchrist from the BBC Weather Centre said:

"Eye witness descriptions and photos of the damage suggest that an isolated small tornado could well have occurred in Chobham, however without an expert visiting the site or footage or photos of the tornado itself, it cannot currently be confirmed that a tornado was responsible."


extract taken from :

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